Commercial Building Cleaning

At The Carpet Doctor Northwest, we understand the importance of a pristine commercial environment, both for your employees and customers but we also know that every commercial building is different which is why we don't use a "one solution fits all" policy. 

We have worked with hotels, university public buildings, student accommodation, restaurants, pubs, gyms and retail stores and each one of those has different requirements. 

That's why we approach each commercial building contract on an individual basis, tailoring our services to suit you. 

During our free consultation process, we will discuss each of our services with you, decide together which ones you require and then build a commercial cleaning contract that is specific to you and your business. Please take a look at our services menu to see what we can build into your contract and below you can see what terms our typical contract includes. 

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Clearly define the scope of the cleaning services to be provided, specifying the areas, surfaces, and services that are included in the cleaning regimen. This may encompass floors, carpets, restrooms, breakrooms, kitchens and other relevant spaces.

Specifies the frequency of cleaning visits (daily, weekly, monthly) and outlines the schedule, including specific days and times when cleaning will occur including if an out of hours service is required. 

Detail the specific tasks and cleaning methods to be employed. This includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, disinfecting, and any other specialised cleaning services we agree upon.

Confirm the specific cleaning products and machines to be used; particularly important for specially treated surfaces and floors.

Define how we will access your commercial premises, including key exchange or security code procedures. It may also outline any security measures our cleaning staff must adhere to while on-site.

We specify the insurance coverage we hold, including liability insurance, workers' compensation, and any other relevant policies. This section also outlines responsibilities in the event of damage or loss during the cleaning process.

States the duration of the contract, including the start and end dates, as well as provisions for renewal. It also outlines conditions under which either party can terminate the contract, such as breach of terms or non-performance.

Clearly outline the cost of the cleaning services, including any recurring fees or additional charges for special services. Payment terms, such as invoicing frequency and due dates, are also specified.

Establish standards for the quality of our cleaning services, including any inspections or quality control measures. This may include a process for addressing and rectifying issues with the cleaning service. 

Addresses any confidentiality or security concerns, especially if our cleaning staff will have access to sensitive areas or information. It may include provisions to protect client privacy and data.

Special Requests and Additional Services

Allows for flexibility in the contract so we can tailor our cleaning service to you. Here we address how special requests or additional services will be handled, including any associated costs.

Contact us today to discuss commercial building cleaning.