Flood Damage Cleaning

Professional & Comprehensive Flood Damage Cleaning in Preston

At The Carpet Doctor North West, we understand that flooding incidents can be traumatic, often involving the loss of sentimental items and emotional distress. Before beginning the clean-up, we discuss the process with you and provide clear information about the restoration steps.

Commercial cleaning after a flood is a challenging and extensive process involving:

Assessment and Planning: Safety checks for hazards.
Water Extraction: Removal of standing water.
Dehumidification: Reducing moisture to prevent mould.
Cleaning and Disinfection: Eliminating contaminants.
Mould Remediation: Addressing mould issues.
Content Cleaning: Restoring salvageable items.
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning: Thorough cleaning or replacement.
HVAC System Cleaning: Preventing airborne contaminants.
Structural Drying: Drying structural components.
Repair and Restoration: Fixing structural damage.
Final Inspection: Ensuring complete restoration.
Documentation: Detailed records for insurance.

Flood damage cleaning in preston